Photographer's Time, Travel and Image Processing

  • Minimum charge (one hour or less) and after 6PM or on weekends

    $225 / hour
  • Hourly rate (after minimum)

    $195 / hour
  • Half day (four hours)

  • Full day (eight hours)

  • Travel time

    $95 / hour

    Only applies when travel time is greater than one hour; otherwise only a mileage rate will be charged, @ .85/mile.

Charges for post-shoot image processing will vary widely depending on the type of imaging done, the quantity of image captures needing editing and the number of finalized image files delivered to the client.

For example, portraits are almost always billed at $25.50 each. Portrait selections are made by the subjects before they leave the room, using my tablet to review and select their favorite. I then adjust, retouch and size each of those as needed, and transmit those to the client via my private server.

Special event and many other photos need less prep time and are typically billed at a much lower rate, depending on the quantity. In those situations, I edit for the best selections without limiting the quantity, individually adjust, crop and size, then transmit all finalized image files to the client for a flat fee, depending on the quantity and time it took to perform those actions. That fee will vary with each assignment between $85.00 (a minimum) and about $225.00.

I can provide quotes and estimates upon request for any proposed assignment if enough specifics are known ahead of time.

Full image rights are granted to my clients. Unlimited usage is allowed without further fees or charges for multiple incidents of publication or re-use.